Is your message being received? How specific is the point you want to make? Have you clarified your clarifications? How long do 20 seconds last? Does your body also speak foreign languages? What does a 100 Billion Euro look like? How should I know what I'm thinking before I hear what I'm saying? Crisis? What Crisis? How do you answer unanswerable questions? How thrilling is your crisis manual? Are words and actions identical or equivalent? Are you confident? Do you mean what i say? Have you listened to the radio today? What do you remember? How do I make it onto the front page? And how do I get off of it again? Communication kills or communication skills? How would your clients know if you were no longer around? Do new employees at your company suffer from culture shock? If your company were a song, what would it sound like? Do we need communication experts or can all experts communicate? Did you understand yourself correctly? How external is your internal communication? Is misunderstanding a type of understanding? Does everyone have a say when it comes to communication? If the journey is the destination, is the problem the solution? What's your story? Do you have an image in your mind? How many question marks does your script have? Do your expressions express you? Can you speak in italics? Do you feel like you're being watched? Does your "download mentality" have a flatrate? Still reading between the lines? How often do you google yourself? Are you curious? Are you courageous? Any other questions?
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